Where can I find a Bloomington Dental Office?

Your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you; shouldn’t you do all you can to make sure your first impression is a good one? At the Bloomington dental office of Dr. Ryan Tschetter, we offer an expansive range of advanced general, family, and cosmetic dental services for you and your loved ones. From state-of-the-art preventive and emergency dental care to high quality restorative and cosmetic treatments, our office is fully equipped to address the comprehensive oral care needs of you and your family.

Bloomington Dental Office

Among the most important services we provide is routine preventive care, in the form of semi-annual checkups and professional teeth cleanings at our Bloomington dental office. When you come to our office for your checkup, Dr. Tschetter will review your medical and dental histories and perform a comprehensive clinical examination. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, he will carefully assess the health of your teeth, gums, jaws and all the tissues in and around the oral cavity. By catching dental conditions early on, patients can typically avoid the need for extensive therapy later. From the first signs of periodontal disease, to dental decay, TMJ issues and screenings for oral cancer, you can expect first class preventive care. Complementing your exam, you’ll also benefit from a professional teeth cleaning, where one of our hygienists can remove any plaque buildup since your last visit.

According to the American Dental Association, bi-annual checkups along with a solid oral care regimen at home is all it takes to almost entirely eliminate the threat of gum disease and dental decay. At our Bloomington dental office, the Jackson Creek Dental team is here to lend a helping hand on the path to excellent oral health. Our pediatric patients will receive instruction in the proper way to brush and floss, to establish an oral hygiene routine that will last a lifetime as well as additional treatments to help shield and protect their developing teeth from cavities and dental decay.

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