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CEREC Dentist Bloomington

At Jackson Creek Dental we’re passionate about providing our patients with the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care. We make a sweeping range of advanced dental services available to families throughout the area, including checkups, pediatric care, and emergency treatment, as well as the latest in restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry. As your CEREC dentist Bloomington, our office is fully equipped with the foremost diagnostic and treatment technology, including our ultra-precise 3D CBCT Scanner and CEREC® same day crown technology.

CEREC Dentist Bloomington

The placement of a restorative crown is common practice for restoring the integrity, function and appearance of a tooth with significant structural damage. At Jackson Creek Dental, our CEREC dentist Bloomington makes use of the latest technology in order to streamline your course of restorative treatment. In ordinary circumstances, a tooth in need of a crown is covered with a temporary crown while the patient waits up to several weeks for the permanent restoration to be fabricated at a dental laboratory. But thanks to CEREC technology, we can now fabricate and place your new custom crown in the one day. The process begins with a digital scan of your smile using sophisticated computer imaging technology. By analyzing the dimensions of your smile with ultimate precision, your restoration can be designed with the most suitable shape and proportions. Once designed, the data is sent to a milling machine, which is situated directly in our office. The milling machine sculpts your brand new custom crown from a solid block of the highest dental grade ceramics.

One of the great things about CEREC is that you won’t be sacrificing quality for convenience. Every custom crown is fabricated with the highest quality dental grade ceramics, a restorative material widely acknowledged for its durability, strength, and lifelike appearance.

If you’re in need of restorative dental care, our CEREC dentist Bloomington offers an option to make any patient smile! To learn more about our CEREC same day crowns, call Jackson Creek Dental today!

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